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Tiny Onion began in late 2015 when founder Annalee Dunn was approached to teach a short series of Sunday evening classes to a group of teenage boys. She accepted the challenge, and what unfolded was a wonderful experience of fun kitchen instruction, shared mealtime, and recipe testing in a two-hour class for beginner cooking techniques and experience. She quickly realized this could be a great addition to the Bellingham community in a variety of kitchen environments, class offerings, and for different age ranges.


Annalee started her restaurant career as a server and bar tender at the famous Moosewood Restaurant in her hometown of Ithaca, NY. As an employee at the cooperatively owned vegetarian pioneer, she witnessed a kitchen where food was made from scratch, honored, and celebrated in a unique way. The dedicated chefs there encouraged her to pursue her own path to culinary school where she earned a degree in Pastry Arts. She then worked in a series of restaurants from Massachussetts to Ohio to Washington, where she has lived for the last 17 years.


Annalee's kitchen experience has continued as a philosophy where food is made fresh, using local ingredients, utilizing basic, home-cooking techniques and style. She doesn't strive to be too fancy, she prefers good flavor, highlighting health and wholeness, and leaving you wanting seconds.

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